Dazzling Light

Timechyld is a rock music project of Australian multi-instrumentalist Andrew Rozen. He writes and records all of the project's music.

Rozen has spent the better part of a decade writing and recording, jamming and performing with several bands before choosing to work as a solo project, Timechyld. In a live setting Timechyld is a full band lineup.

Initially more of a collaboration between Rozen and various producers, in 2019 Timechyld yielded more highly produced synth-heavy pop songs. In 2020 Rozen has adopted more of a rock sound, as he takes full creative and instrumental control, working exclusively in his home studio with a bottle of a wine as his only musical accomplice.
Timechyld's debut EP 'Happiness Defined' is out now. It's an upbeat, groovy insight into Rozen's experience of some challenging new personal circumstances; the birth of his child coinciding with a worldwide lockdown. Listen now.

Dazzling Light

Happiness Redefined (EP)

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